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FIAT/IFTA World Conference : call for papers

The 2015 FIAT/IFTA World Conference will take place in Vienna from October 7th until October 10th 2015.

This year theme will be:
“Audiovisual Culture, a bridge to the future”

Wanted: back copies of the IASA journal and IASA Phonographic Bulletin

As a service to the sound and audiovisual archives community, IASA is gradually making available for free on the IASA website all back copies of its journal since 1993 and the journal's predecessor, the IASA Phonographic Bulletin (1971-1993):

We are however missing spare copies of the following:
IASA Journal: issues nos. 2, 3, 23 and 26
IASA Phonographic Bulletin: issues 1 to 33 inclusive, plus issues 35, 37, 50 and 55.

Back issues of IASA journal and Phonographic Bulletin available online

Digitised copies from some of the early issues of the IASA journal and its predecessor, the IASA Phonographic Bulletin, are gradually being added to the IASA website and made available to all:

IASA 2014 Award of Recognition

Last October, the 2014 IASA Award of Recognition was announced at the 45th IASA Annual conference in Cape Town. The following tribute was given by Kevin Bradley, one of IASA's past-presidents:



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