AV legal deposit questionnaire

This simple questionnaire has been created by IFLA and IASA to create a new global register of Legal Deposit for audiovisual materials, country by country. It should take no more than 10 minutes of your time. Please complete the questions below for one country, then press the 'Submit' button.

‘Audiovisual’ materials in this context means: all types of moving images, whether film, video or TV; and all sound materials whether published, unpublished or broadcast. It excludes photographs.

Why this survey? Our audiovisual heritage needs to be preserved in order to provide universal access to information. But there is little information on the state of legal deposit for audiovisual documents around the world. This survey does not intend to collate comprehensive details; rather, it will give an indication of the existence (or not) of legal deposit in each country with links to further information. We hope that such information on worldwide practices will help individual countries to obtain or improve their own legal deposit legislation.

IFLA’s Audiovisual and Multimedia Section launched a survey on legal deposit for audiovisual documents in 2009. That survey, however, was unsuccessful in terms of the number of responses received. IASA’s National Archives Section had also been planning a register of legal deposit. Now, IFLA and IASA are jointly launching this simplified questionnaire.

We need your help. To create the AV Legal Deposit register, for each country about which you have knowledge, please complete this new questionnaire, even if you submitted a response to the previous IFLA survey. And, note that we need information even for those countries that do not have legal deposit legislation for audiovisual materials. By completing the questionnaire, you will help to build a useful reference source.

The information you provide will be published online by IASA (at www.iasa-web.org/legal-deposit/register) and by IFLA. Note: we reserve the right to edit or aggregate responses and may contact you for clarification.

We plan to provide instructions in other languages in future to help contributors in all countries

Thank you for your contribution to this survey!

Trond Valberg
IFLA Audiovisual and Multimedia Section
Richard Ranft
IASA National Archives Section
1. Contributor contact details
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Type the name of the country for which the legal deposit information below applies (One country only; start another form to submit details about another country)
Which audiovisual materials does the legal deposit legislation cover? Please check above all that apply.
Enter above any specific exceptions to legal deposit (e.g. internet radio, French language only, imports, government publication only)
Enter above the names of the official depository or depositories for each type of audiovisual material (e.g. “Cinematheque Nacional for film, National Library for sound”)
10. Year of legislation, or when law first effective

I agree that IASA and IFLA may publish and make freely available online all the information given by me on this form, except my email address and country of residence which will be kept confidential. I understand that I will be able to contact IASA and IFLA to update and correct the information at any time.