Mailing lists

IASA has two kinds of mailing lists: a group IASA list, and "IASA News".


Note. On 28-29 November 2020, the mailing list will be transfered to a new platform. Please check back later for details.

The IASA list, which has 800 subscribers, is intended to improve communication among IASA Members, Supporters and the public at large. Only subscribers may post messages to the list.

You do not need to be a IASA Member or Supporter to join. By joining the list, you automatically receive e-mails from subscribers with news about IASA and related topics. The list encourages members to ask and answer questions and to take part in discussions of relevance to our work. Except for announcements from IASA officers about IASA matters, all other contributions to the list are the authors' responsibility and do not represent the views of IASA.

To join the IASA list:

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To post a message to the list:

  1. Email your message to:

To reply to a message you received from the list:

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To leave the list:

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This is a separate mailing list, for the purpose of IASA maintaining closer contact with its members and guests. The format of IASA News is an HTML email that you can receive regularly. It contains information, offers, news articles and reminders that are of interest to the IASA community. This new mailer is not meant to replace the group mailing list described above; it differs in format from the conversational nature of the list and instead serves as a sort of newsletter for the IASA community.

To sign-up for IASA News, please visit: