Research Archives Section

Chair: Marija Dumnić Vilotijević
Institute of Musicology SASA
Knez Mihailova 36
11000 Belgrade
Phone: +381 113287798

Vice-chair: Filip Šír
National Museum
Vaclavske nam 68
110 00 Prague
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 605473483

Secretary: Wictor Johannson
Svenkst visarkiv
P.O Box 163 26
SE-103 26 Stockholm
Phone: +46 851956709

Officers of the Research Archives Section (chairpersons, secretaries) are elected within the committee. The committees exclusively decide on the objects and tasks they deal with.

The Research Archives Section concerns itself with special issues relating to audiovisual archives whose holdings include collections of recordings originally made for research purposes.

Mission statement

The Research Archives Section of IASA addresses issues of sound and audiovisual archives whose holdings include collections of unique and usually non-commercial recordings, such as field recordings, curated primarily for research purposes. Research archives share key concerns with other types of sound and audiovisual archives that include preservation, access, acquisition, collection management, documentation, ethics and intellectual property rights. However, the nature of research archive holdings requires strategies and solutions that may diverge from archives whose holdings are primarily broadcast or commercial in scope. Thus, the Research Archives Section promotes discussion, cooperation and coordination of activities among sound and audiovisual research archives, holdings, and collections to support their growth, development, and success in countries all over the world.

Welcome to Our Archives

IASA's Research Archives Section has launched a project “Welcome to Our Archives”, in order to raise public awareness about audio-visual archives, both in general and in very particular ways. Also, we think that it is a useful contribution to the network of IASA members, especially to the ones who are looking for possible collaborations.

Our aim is to gather information about research archives that contain audio-visual material and to share this information with a larger audience. This is an opportunity to promote your institution, collections, technical tools, methods, trainings, publications, even personal work — as an archivist, researcher, technician and/or curator, and to share your positive outcomes, as well as problems.

For this purpose, all types of presentations are welcome! We encourage PDFs and accept animated presentations, texts with sound and visual illustrations and examples, and especially video recordings with explanations of your work (if possible, please host it on YouTube, Vimeo or your institutional website, and send us the link or embed code). We invite you to send us your presentation (in English) to

Institution Link Contributor
Institute of Musicology SASA (Serbia) Sound recordings from the fieldwork in the archive of the Institute of Musicology of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts Marija Dumnić Vilotijević
Musikveret -- Svenksvisarkiv (Sweden) Matts Arnberg’s journey into folk music
Sami voices
Wictor Johansson


Useful links

Archives for the Future. Global Perspectives on Audiovisual Archives in the 21st Century, ed. by Anthony Seeger & Shubha Chauduri, 2004.

Audiovisual Archiving: Philosophy and Principles, by Ray Edmondson. Paris: UNESCO, 2004.

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