Membership rates

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Payment to be made in Euros only. The payment year is a calendar year; dues are payable on January 1st.

Institutional € 220* € 418* € 594*
Individual € 55 € 105 € 149
Reduced individual rate * € 35    
Sustaining € 300 € 570 € 810
Supporter € 75 € 143 € 203


*Reduced rates

Reduced individual or institutional membership rates are available for students and those residing in developing countries.

Developing countries

IASA realizes that membership dues might cause hardship for some of our members' institutions from the developing world. For this reason IASA has adopted the World Bank’s Gross Domestic Product (at purchasing power parity) per Capita, which is politically neutral and is updated every year.
The list can be downloaded from this page:

Members from countries whose position on the World Bank list is at or below the World value will pay 50% for full Institutional membership, or for individual membership, 35 Euros (1-year only).


This reduced individual membership fee of 35 Euros (1-year only) is available for students upon provision of a current student ID as proof of status and must be applied for annually.



New applicants for IASA membership should await receipt of an invoice from IASA before paying. To pay your membership, please visit: