Travel Awards

Guidelines for Travel Awards for IASA Members to attend the Annual Conference

  1. Travel Award applications will only be accepted from IASA Members (Individual, Institutional and Sustaining) in good standing, meaning dues up to and including the current year have to be paid before the application deadline.
  2. While the aim of IASA is to encourage Members to attend the annual conference by supporting their travel costs, such support must take account of the current financial health of the Association. If your application is successful, usually up to 50% of travel costs (cheapest air or train fare between the applicant's home and the conference venue) will be met. Applicants are thus encouraged to seek additional funding where possible.
  3. IASA will, in addition, approach the local conference organisers and request that the grantee's registration fee be waived. The decision in each case will be up to the conference organiser.
  4. Accommodation and subsistence costs will not be supported.
  5. Applications from Members from least-developed countries*, those presenting a paper, and first-time applicants, will be prioritized.
  6. Applications must be sent in writing (by letter, fax or e-mail) to the Secretary-General in response to the announcement of travel and research grants which are published in the IASA e-Bulletin and on the IASA website. Applications must contain the 100% amount of the travel costs in US$ or Euros, confirmed by an official travel agency. The confirmation of travel agency costs must be submitted with the application form. Please use the Travel Award Application Form (Members only).
  7. Applications by representatives of Institutional and Sustaining Members must be countersigned by the director or a senior officer of their organisation as evidence that their attendance has been authorised.
  8. The Secretary-General will check all applications received by the appointed deadline and will submit them to the Executive Board for discussion and approval.
  9. Applicants will be informed as soon as possible of the result after the Board's decision has been reached. The Board will aim to respond 6 months prior to travel.
  10. IASA will not pay awards in advance of travel.
  11. Copies of the travel documents will have to be presented by the grantee to the IASA Treasurer during the conference. Payment will be effected after the conference, via bank transfer only. Please ensure that the Treasurer receives the correct banking details for re-imbursement. If bank transfer is not possible, please indicate on the application form the method of payment preferred. Note: If 50% of the travel costs were granted, then maximum 50% of receipts presented (up to the granted amount) will be disbursed.
  12. IASA Travel Awards are determined for Members only; accompanying persons have to pay for themselves.

February 2013
5th revision

*least developed countries are defined using the UNESCO scale, which is politically neutral and changes as countries become more prosperous. The UNESCO scale can be viewed in Annex 1 of the following PDF document (opens in new window):

2016 Travel Awards

Recipients of the IASA 2016 Travel Awards:

1. Gus Urban, Argentina
2. Verbeke Noortje, VIAA VZW, Belgium
3. Ingela Utterström, Kungliga biblioteket, Sweden
4. Dr. Lee Watkins, Rhodes University Grahamstown, South Africa
5. PhDr. Iva Horová, Národní technická knihovna, Czech Republic
6. Janet Topp Fargion, British Library, United Kingdom
7. Suresh Chandvankar, Mumbai, India
8. Lamine Wone, Ernst & Young, Senegal
9. Filip Sír, Virtual The Moravian Library in Brno, Czech Republic      
10. Prof. Dr. Gisa Jähnichen, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, China
11. Alessandro Argentini, Italy
12. Judith Opoku-Boateng, University of Ghana – Ghana
13. Adam Schutzman, Harvard Business School, USA
14. Shubha Chaudhuri, Archives and Research Centre for Ethnomusicology, India


2015 Travel Awards

We are delighted to announce a record number of recipients of the IASA 2015 Travel Awards:

  1. Lamine Wone, Senegal
  2. Sunny Mathew Kunnelpurayidom, India
  3. Pawarisa Nipawattanapong, Thailand
  4. Grace Toland, Ireland  
  5. Rosalinda G. Rowe, New Zealand
  6. Bronwyn Officer, New Zealand
  7. Allison Schein, USA
  8. Grace Radkins, USA
  9. Toby Seay, USA
  10. Tre Berney, USA
  11. Rebecca Feynberg, USA
  12. Aaron M  Bittel, USA
  13. Gisa Jähnichen, Germany
  14. Kevin Bradley, Australia
  15. Zane Grosa, Latvia
  16. Suresh Chandvankar, India
  17. María del Carmen Ordoño Vidaña, Mexico
  18. Judy Namutowe, Zambia

2014 Travel Awards

We are delighted to announce a record number of recipients of the IASA 2014 Travel Awards:

  1. Filip Sir, Czech Republic
  2. Marie O'Connell, New Zealand
  3. Bernardo Bortolotti, CPDOC / FGV
  4. Melchor Baltazar Garcia Lopez Jefe de, Mexico
  5. Shubha Chaudhuri, India
  6. Zane Grosa, Latvia
  7. Ndahambelela Hertha Lukileni, Namibia
  8. Dr Janet Topp Fargion, UK
  9. Gus Urban, Argentina
  10. María del Carmen Ordoño Vidaña, Mexico
  11. Julio Delgado Revueltas, Mexico
  12. Collence Chisita, Namibia
  13. Ms Doreen Ernesta, Seychelles
  14. Ms Catherine Belmont, Seychelles
  15. Prof. Dr. Gisa Jähnichen Malaysia
  16. Toby Seay, USA
  17. Nthabiseng B. Ncala, Kwa-Zulu Natal