Lars Gaustad Award

The Lars Gaustad Award is given in recognition of his 22 years as chair of the IASA Technical Committee, during which time many of IASA’s most influential documents were crafted, significantly shaping the practice of audiovisual preservation worldwide.

The Award is given to expand the TC, by adding to its membership input on factors and expertise that are currently under-represented, such as challenges faced under different institutional settings [1] , areas of the globe with environmental, political and institutional challenges; or fields of knowledge potentially useful to preservation [2].

The Award is for five years of membership of IASA. One Award is given annually.

More information about the Technical Committee may be found here:

The Lars Gaustad Award is funded by George Blood Audio/Video/Film/Data.

More details will be announced soon.


[1] For example, small institutions, private collections, transient entities, corporations
[2] For example computer and data sciences, materials science, chemistry, project management, manufacturing