Past Conferences

The following table lists all the annual conferences held by IASA since its inception, with links to some of the original conference websites. [1]

1968 saw the foundation of IASA and its first General Assembly. Further information about conferences from 1969-2009 can be found on the IASA history pages.

Year Host country & website Co-organiser[2] Additional information
2023 Istanbul, Turkey with ICTMD  
2022 Mexico City, Mexico   Presentations
2021 Online   Presentations
2020 Online with FIAT / IFTA Presentations
2019 Hilversum, Netherlands   Photos videos
2018 Accra, Ghana   Photos
2017 Berlin, Germany   Presentations, photos
2016 Washington DC, USA   Presentations, photos
2015 Paris, France   Presentations, photos
2014 Cape Town, South Africa   Presentations, photos
2013 Vilnius, Lithuania with BAAC Photos & tutorials
2012 New Delhi, India   Photos, audio & video
2011 Frankfurt, Germany   Photos & tutorials
2010 Philadelphia, USA with AMIA Photos
2009 Athens, Greece   Photos, audio & video
2008 Sydney, Australia   Photos
2007 Riga, Latvia with BAAC Photos
2006 Mexico City, Mexico   Photos
2005 Barcelona, Spain    
2004 Oslo, Norway with IAML Photos

Pretoria, South Africa

2002 Arhus, Denmark    
2001 London, United Kingdom with ARSC  
2000 Singapore with SEAPAVAA Photos
1999 Vienna, Austria   Photos
1998 Paris, France with AFAS  
1997 Muscat, Sultanate of Oman   Photos
1996 Perugia, Italy with IAML  
1995 Washington DC, USA with FIAT & ARSC  
1994 Berlin-Bogensee, Germany with FIAT  
1993 Helsinki, Finland with IAML  
1992 Canberra, Australia with ASRA  
1991 Sopron, Hungary    
1990 Ottawa, Canada with ARSC & Canadian Association of Music Libraries  
1989 Oxford, United Kingdom with IAML  
1988 Vienna, Austria First IASA solo conference  
1987 Amsterdam, The Netherlands with IAML  
1986 Stockholm, Sweden with IAML  
1985 Berlin (East), German Democratic Republic with IAML  
1984 Como, Italy with IAML  
1983 Washington DC, USA with IAML  
1982 Brussels, Belgium with IAML  
1981 Budapest, Hungary with IAML  
1980 Cambridge, United Kingdom with IAML  
1979 Salzburg, Austria with IAML  
1978 Lisbon, Portugal with IAML  
1977 Mainz, Federal Republic of Germany with IAML  
1976 Bergen, Norway with IAML  
1975 Montreal, Canada with IAML  
1974 Jerusalem, Israel with IAML  
1973 London, United Kingdom with IAML  
1972 Bologna, Italy with IAML  
1971 St Gallen, Switzerland with IAML  
1970 Leipzig, German Democratic Republic with IAML  
1969 Amsterdam, The Netherlands    

[1] Information on older conferences kindly supplied by Albrecht Häfner, SWR, Baden-Baden, Germany.

AFAS Association des détenteurs de documents audiovisuels et sonores
AMIA Association of Moving Image Archivists
ARSC Association for Recorded Sound Collections
ASRA Australian Sound Recordings Association
BAAC Baltic Audiovisual Archival Council
FIAT Fédération International des Archives de Télévision / International Federation of Television Archives
IAML International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres
ICTMD International Council for Traditions of Music and Dance
SEAPAVAA SouthEast Asia & Pacific Audiovisual Archives Association