Ambassador Committee

Chair: Pedro Felix
Arquivo Nacional do Som (Equipa Instaladora)
Edifício da Torre do Tombo
Alameda da Universidade
1649-010 Lisboa
Phone: +351 210 037 198

Vice-chair: Audra V. Adomenas
Lithuanian Archives Project,

Secretary: Judith Opoku-Boateng
J. H. Kwabena Nketia Archives,
Institute of African Studies,
University of Ghana.


IASA Ambassadors

  1. Ghana, West Africa: Judith Opoku-Boateng (J. H. Kwabena Nketia Archives, Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana)
  2. Serbia: Marija Dumnić (Institute of Musicology SASA)
  3. China, Malaysia: Gisa Jähnichen (Shanghai Conservatory of Music)
  4. Australia, South-east Asia: Ross Garrett (National Film & Sound Archive of Australia)
  5. USA, central: Audra V. Adomenas (Lithuanian Archives Project, Chicago, Illinois, USA)
  6. USA, mid-western: Lindsay Mattock (University of Iowa School of Library and Information Science, USA)
  7. Mexico and Latin America: Perla Olivia Rodríguez Reséndiz (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mëxico - UNAM)
  8. Mexico: Maria del Carmen Ordoño Vidaña (Fonoteca Nacional de México)
  9. Brazil: Bernardo Bortolotti (Fundação Getulio Vargas Center for Research and Documentation in Contemporary History of Brazil)
  10. Brazil: Marco Dreer Buarque (VIA 78, Niteroi, Brazil)


IASA Ambassadors
A IASA Ambassador is a IASA Member who represents IASA on a community, national or exceptionally, a regional level (e.g., Latin America or Southern African).

There may be more than one Ambassador in any one country. Once approved by the IASA Executive Board, Ambassadors will be listed officially on the IASA website and may use the name “IASA Ambassador” in official communications.  

The Role of a IASA Ambassador
The role of the IASA Ambassador is to increase awareness of IASA and its work, to promote membership, to act as a mentor to new and prospective members, and to help build IASA’s profile.

The IASA Ambassador has an excellent understanding of IASA and its role within the sound and audiovisual community.

The IASA Ambassador exerts influence in the community, country, or region to promote IASA’s work and ideals.

IASA Ambassadors serve as official representatives of IASA in an enhanced volunteer capacity.

IASA Ambassadors are skilled and committed volunteers and are empowered to represent IASA by sharing their personal experiences and by giving advice and assistance where necessary with sound and audiovisual heritage preservation activities.

Duties of a IASA Ambassador

  • Network in local, national, or regional communities to identify prospective IASA members; to supply information about IASA; and to actively encourage membership
  • Connect on a local, national, or regional level with IASA and prospective IASA members’ issues, challenges, and opportunities that are unique to the IASA community
  • Attend and/or organise relevant local, national, or regional events as a representative of IASA and actively promote IASA activities
  • Be a trusted source of information regarding IASA’s work, committees and sections, annual conferences, and publications and act as a mentor to existing, new, and prospective members
  • Volunteer to assist and/or to help recruit volunteers to assist with IASA events when held locally, which may include fundraising and promoting the events
  • Identify people of influence in local, national, or regional archive communities to become IASA members or ambassadors for IASA
  • Identify issues and trends within the local, national, or regional sound and audiovisual archive communities and make useful suggestions to the IASA Executive Board to improve the work of IASA based on these trends and issues
  • Recruit new IASA members
  • Generate public interest in IASA
  • Represent IASA actively and positively
  • Where possible and/or relevant, engage with official state organisations, government departments, and relevant business sectors to attract constructive partnerships with IASA

How to qualify as a IASA Ambassador (all criteria must be met)

  • Maintain current and paid IASA membership
  • Submit the online application form and attain acceptance into the Ambassador Programme
  • Participate in an orientation session with a senior IASA member as advised by the IASA Executive Board
  • Have the ability to attend IASA conferences and events
  • Have a passion for the IASA mission and a strong desire to make a positive impact

Application Process

  • Complete the application form at
    Note: Both the nominator and the nominee must be IASA members
  • After the application has been received, the IASA Executive Board will review the application and will notify the outcome of its decision to the applicant no later than 6 weeks after the application was received.

The IASA Executive Board reserves the right to withdraw an Ambassador from the role if it is found that the conduct of the Ambassador impacts negatively on the work of IASA or falls below the required level of performance for a IASA Ambassador (see Duties of a IASA Ambassador above).

IASA Executive Board