4. Joint conferences and solo conferences

4.1 Joint conferences

4.1.1 The EB believes that a joint conference with like-minded international or regional associations has much to recommend it. It broadens the knowledge of IASA members, particularly in a media convergent community.it increases the potential audience for the conference and broadens its appeal in the professional and general community. Additionally, the programme will retain the members’ interest and reduce the risk of repeat content delivered by the same people.

4.1.2 The EB will set its conference agenda for the years ahead and approach IASA members in certain areas to see if a conference can be mounted and, if it is to be a joint conference, who could be our partners.

4.1.3 IASA performs an important international role in the AV archiving community. The EB sees that IASA has a responsibility to institutions and individuals in developing countries to assist and inform them about modern archival practices and holding conferences in these countries is one way to achieve this aim. However, in order for such conferences to be successful it will be necessary for IASA to have a presence in the host country and/or a strong joint host presence.

4.1.4 It should be especially noted that joint conferences should enable joint participation of respective memberships and not evolve into two simultaneous conferences. Sessions should serve the needs of both memberships and should explore the common interests. If parallel sessions are scheduled, splits along association lines should be avoided, except for the General Assemblies. This arrangement presents a challenge when working with organizers who have different conference structures and organizational methods. The EB and the conference organizers should work from a clear understanding of how a particular joint conference and its related programme will be organized.

4.2 Possible Co-host associations

4.3 Solo conferences

4.3.1 Solo conferences allows for IASA to periodically assess its situation and policies. The EB will balance solo and joint conferences so that all the needs of the association are met.