Discography Committee

Chair: Filip Šír
National Museum
Karmelitská 2/4
118 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 605 47 34 83
e-mail: filip_sir@nm.cz

Vice-chair: Thomas Henry
Ceints de Bakélite Phono Museum/Phonogalerie
53, boulevard de Rochechouart
75009 Paris
Phone: +33 6 89 55 70 51
e-mail: thomashenry81@gmail.com

Secretary: Peter Laurence
Archive of World Music
Eda Kuhn Loeb Music Library
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA 02138
Phone: 617-495-2794
Fax: 617-496-4636
e-mail: laurenc@fas.harvard.edu

Officers of the Discography Committee (chairpersons, secretaries) are elected within the committee. The committees exclusively decide on the objects and tasks they deal with.

The Discography Committee deals with standards and recommended practice concerning collections of published recordings.

Creating an International Bibliography of Discographies: A Worldwide Collaborative Project

A National Discography provides guidelines to best practice for members who may have the responsibility for establishing national discographies in their country, who intend to establish this service, and who may be seeking funding.

Discography Committee Forum (IASA members only)

Members who have declared interest in this group (IASA members access)

Discography Committee email list disco@iasa-web.org

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