FAQ - Frequently asked questions


  1. Please email the changes to treasurer@iasa-web.org if possible quoting your membership number. Your membership number is shown on membership renewal invoices and in the details under 'My account' on the IASA website when you are logged in.

    IASA uses your postal address to send members renewal reminders and other postal communications.

  2. If you change your email address, please log into the IASA site using your old email address and visit the ‘My account’ page (linked from the left hand menu). Click the edit tab. Then you can change your personal details, including your new email address, password, user name, etc.

    If you change your email address again in future, please remember to update your online account details so that you can continue to log in and IASA can continue to keep in touch with you.

    If your old email account is closed and you have forgotten your password to log in, ask the IASA webmanager to change your email.

  3. A membership number is assigned to you by the IASA membership officer when you join IASA.

    The easiest way to find your number is to click on the 'My account' link on the left margin of this website. The link is only available when you are logged into the website.

    Your membership number is also shown on the membership renewal notices sent by IASA to members when their renewals are due.

  4. To pay for or renew your membership of IASA, see www.iasa-web.org/membership-payments

Mailing list

  1. To join or quit the IASA mailing lists, please follow the instructions at www.iasa-web.org/mailing-lists

Log in

  1. You need to be member to sign into the IASA website. See www.iasa-web.org/membership-categories for the list of member categories that benefit from logging in.

    If you are not a member, consider joining: www.iasa-web.org/join-iasa

    If you pay a subscription to IASA as a Supporter or Subscriber, and want to log into the website, consider upgrading to a full Member, by contacting the IASA Treasurer: treasurer@iasa-web.org

    Once you have paid your full Member dues, you will be emailed a user name and password. You can then log in by typing your user name and password into the Member login block on the left margin of this website, and pressing the 'Log in' button. Once you are logged in, this block is replaced by a members' block with links for the exclusive benefit of members.

  2. If you are in the IASA Supporter or Subscriber category, you are not entitled to log in and access the members area of the IASA website. To get this benefit, you should upgrade to Individual or Institutional member. For individuals, the upgrade costs only an additional 8 Euros. The benefits of the different categories are shown here: www.iasa-web.org/membership-categories The subscription rates are: www.iasa-web.org/membership-rates

  3. If you cannot log in, because you have forgotten or did not receive your User name or Password, just Request a new Password:

    1. Click on the "Request new password" link -- this is located below the Password box in the Member login block, on the left margin of this website

    2. Next, enter either your User name or your email address, and then press the "Email new password" button. (Note: your User name is NOT the same as your email address).

    3. If you entered the correct information, you should receive an email within 5 minutes with logging in instructions.

    4. If you do not receive the email, repeat the process but this time enter the user name or email address (whichever of these you did not try the first time). Please also check your spam folder.

    If you still cannot log in? Then please send an explanation of what you tried to do via our contact form: www.iasa-web.org/contact

  4. Institutional members may have up to 5 staff sign into the IASA website. If you would like staff at your institution to sign-in to the website, please send their names and email addresses (and if possible your membership number) to webmanager@iasa-web.org

    IASA only provides website logging in accounts for named individuals. For a full list of members' benefits, see: www.iasa-web.org/membership-categories

  5. There is no need to log into the shop nor the conference website, both of which are hosted on separate sites to this main IASA site.

    Please see the other FAQs on this page if you wish to log into the main IASA website, www.iasa-web.org

    IASA Executive Board members may log into the IASA shop, https://shop.iasa-web.org, or the IASA conference sites, for administrative purposes, by contacting the webmanager.


  1. The IASA shop accepts payments for subscriptions, donations, publications orders and conference registrations via these methods:

    • Credit card
    • PayPal account
    • Bank transfer

    These options are shown at checkout, once you have placed an order.

  2. IASA is not registered for VAT (Value-Added Tax), so it does not have a VAT number.


  1. If you see an error on a web page, or the information provided needs updating, please notify the IASA webmanager via the contact form, including the web address ('URL') of the page concerned.

  2. All IASA members can post their own messages on the IASA forums when logged in. There are public forums that can be read by anyone, and private forums that may only be read by IASA members. New messages posted on the public forums are automatically listed on the website's home page, and forwarded to IASA's Twitter account (over 3,000 followers) and to IASA's Facebook pages, so they reach a wide audience.

    Anyone may also post messages on the IASA mailing list, which has over 400 subscribers.

    Members of the IASA Executive Board can also add and edit links, events and blog posts (the 'notice board') on this website.

    To add any other web content to this site, send a message with your suggested text to the IASA webmanager via the contact form. Your images and other media (sounds, videos, formatted documents for download, etc) can also be added by the IASA webmanager, provided that you have the rights to do so.