Guidelines for Translating IASA Publications

Guidelines for the Translation of IASA Publications & Workflow for Translations

Due to the growing interest to translate IASA publications into other languages, the IASA Executive Board approved the following guidelines for translations of IASA publications.

IASA publications are normally published in English. However, in order to spread the publications to a wider audience, IASA allows translations to be made in accordance with the following guidelines:

1. Translation shall always be approved by the IASA Executive Board before the translation work starts.

2. A contract / agreement to govern the translation shall be in place before the translation work starts.

3. The translation shall be an accurate rendering of the original English text as used in the work.

4. The editor of the original work is to be included in the translation and approval process of the mentioned prospects.

5. No additional text shall be inserted in or appended to the translated version.

6. The typographic layout and cover artwork of the translated publication shall be consistent with the IASA visual identity as presented on its current publications.

7. The IASA Executive Board will have the right of approval for the translated text of the work, and also for the cover art work of the translated version.

8. The distribution / selling of translated IASA publications must always be subject to negotiation with / approval by the IASA Executive Board.

9. Requests for translations of IASA Publications should be sent to:

IASA Secretary-General: e-mail:


Workflow for Translations

1. A translation proposal together with a business plan is sent by the proposer to the IASA Secretary-General

2. The Secretary-General to send a letter of receipt to the proposer to inform the authors of the original document that a request to make a translation has been made

3. Request to be approved in principal by the EB and the author(s)

4. A draft contract between IASA and the proposer or the translating agency is prepared by the Secretary-General and reviewed and signed off by the EB, represented at minimum by the President, Secretary-General and Editor.

5. The Contract is submitted, with a deadline for comments and revisions, to the requesting party and author(s)

6. Discussion of proposed revisions is co-ordinated by the Secretary-General

7. Final version of the contract is submitted to the EB

8. Contract signature: proposer

  • Final contract signed by the Secretary-General
  • Two copies of the final contract sent by the Secretary-General to the proposer by post and e-mail to the author(s)
  • Both copies of the final contract signed by the proposer
  • One signed contract sent to the Secretary-General
  • One signed contract kept by the proposer

9. When the contract is agreed and signed, the process of translation can begin.

IASA Executive Board
1st review, March 2006
2nd review, September 2006
3rd review May 2007