3. Conference dates and duration

3.1 Conferences are normally held at approximately 12 monthly intervals, usually somewhere between mid-September and the first half of October, from Monday through Thursday.

3.2 Local conditions such as climate, holiday periods, or location of conference may dictate other arrangements.

3.3 Joint conferences with other associations may also necessitate a change in the conference schedule. Overlapping with other conferences considered attractive for IASA members, such as AES conventions, AMIA, or the IBC, should be avoided.

3.4 It is recognized that some dates will almost certainly be difficult for some members (e.g., European and North American holiday seasons), but consultation between local organisers and the IASA EB will help to minimise such difficulties.

3.5 Conferences should not be held too closely together. They need adequate preparation time and the membership needs to recover physically and financially between conferences.

3.6 The planning of the conference should start at least 18 months in advance. It is essential to have some information available at the previous conference and for the representatives selected by the EB to meet representatives of the local organising committee on this occasion. It has become customary for a representative of the organising committee of the following conference to make a brief presentation at the General assembly.