IASA Special and Technical Publications

(a) IASA special publications: Standards, Recommended Practices and Strategies

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IASA-TC 03 (2005) The Safeguarding of the Audio Heritage: Ethics, Principles and Preservation Strategy   Web (free)
IASA-TC 04 (2009) Guidelines on the Production and Preservation of Digital Audio Objects  (English) Web (free)
IASA-TC 04 (2015) Recommandations pour la production et la conservation des objets audionumériques (Français) Web (free)
IASA-TC 04 (2011) Directrices para la producción y preservación de objetos digitales de audio (Español)   Web (free)
IASA-TC 04 (2012) Directrius per a la producció i preservació d'objectes d'àudio digital  (Català)   Web (free)
IASA-TC 05 (2014) Handling and Storage of Audio and Video Carriers (English) Web (free)
IASA-TC 05 (2016) Gestione e archiviazione dei supporti audio e video (Italiano)   Web (free)
IASA-TC 05 (2015) Manejo y almacenamiento de soportes de audio y de video (Español)   Web (free)

(b) Other special publications - each is available free online on this website. Some are also available for purchase as PDFs (free to IASA members):

  1. An Archive Approach to Oral History (1978)
  2. Ethical Principles for Sound and Audiovisual Archives (2010)
  3. IASA Cataloguing Rules (1999) / Reglas de Catalogación de IASA (2005)
  4. Task Force on Selection for Digital Transfer (2003)
  5. Selection in Sound Archives (1984)
  6. Sound Archives: A Guide to Their Establishment and Development (1983)