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Are you a library or archive with sound or audiovisual holdings?
Do you work with sound or AV?
Do you want to have a voice in the ongoing changes in sound and AV?

If so, join IASA and work with more than 400 members from over 70 countries.

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A growing proportion of the cultural legacy of the last 130 years is in the form of sound and moving image recordings. If your archive, library, museum, business or organisation is responsible for any aspect of the archival management of audiovisual material, or if you have a personal or professional interest in this important part of our heritage, then you could benefit from membership in IASA.

Regardless of whether you are leading the way into the new era of digital mass storage systems, or continuing to use analogue technology, or perhaps you collect all types of recordings and formats, or you may be highly specialized — whatever your outlook or collection policy, it may be in your interest to become a member of IASA.

IASA membership is open to:

  • individuals
  • institutions with audiovisual collections
  • businesses


IASA memberships by country

IASA memberships by country


Membership benefits

What are the benefits of membership?

  • read about sound and AV activities and issues in the IASA Journal
  • access to members areas on the website (additional member-only forums, downloads, online journal, members contacts, etc)
  • reduced registration fees to attend annual conferences
  • reduced prices on selected IASA publications
  • entitlement to apply for IASA Travel Awards and  IASA Research Grants
  • benefit from the resources and programmes of the Training and Education Committee
  • entitlement to vote on Association business and to hold office on the Executive Board
  • entitlement to serve on committees, sections and task forces, attend meetings of the IASA General Assembly, and make recommendations on IASA business
  • opportunities to raise the status of your own AV heritage through strong links with international and national bodies

As a IASA member you can help:

  • set standards and best practices for sound and AV
  • make digital mainstream in sound and AV archives
  • learn, network and exchange information
  • participate in the work of IASA’s Sections and Committees made up of experts who work in specialist fields within sound and AV archiving
  • contribute to influential publications such as TC 03 Ethics, Principles and Preservation Strategy and TC 04, Guidelines on the Production and Preservation of Digital Audio Objects
  • connect with others through UNESCO and the CCAAA