The Magnetic Tape Alert Project survey is nearly at an end!

IASA and UNESCO’s Information for All Programme is completing the first phase of our survey of magnetic tape collections around the world. If you or your organisation have not yet submitted a response to our short survey, there is still time!
Individuals and organisations who are engaged in collecting, archiving or studying sound and audio-visual content recorded on magnetic tape are encouraged to help us map out the state of the world’s collections of music, video, endangered languages, folklore, rituals, dance, oral history, and more. No collection is too small!
By completing the survey linked above, your valuable data will feature in a report we will publish in 2020 that will help us press the international agenda of digitising these at-risk media. If you have any questions please check out our website, or get in touch with me at the address below.
Dr Andrew Pace



With COVID-19 putting the world "on hold", do you intend to extend the deadline for MTAP submissions to late Fall 2020? 


Jean Ménard

Dear Jean,
Unfortunately, we won’t be further extending the deadline beyond 31 May. However, if we receive any late submissions through June we may be able to include them in the final report.
Andrew Pace