IASA 2014 Award of Recognition

Last October, the 2014 IASA Award of Recognition was announced at the 45th IASA Annual conference in Cape Town. The following tribute was given by Kevin Bradley, one of IASA's past-presidents:


plans for new Rwandan archive to preserve AV history

Plans to establish a national archive centre in Kigali, to preserve the country's important audiovisual history are in advanced stages. The Minister for Sports and Culture, Joseph Habineza has revealed. "For instance today we have Gacaca documents which we need to store properly. These will be digitalised as part of the national archive and we will also work with Rwanda Broadcasting Agency (RBA) to ensure that the audiovisual archives are properly stored," he added.

Library of Congress Blog - Audio for Eternity

IASA colleague, Carl Fleischhauer, recently prepared a summary for the Library of Congress' Digital Preservation blog, The Signal, documenting Dietrich Schüller and Albrecht Häfner's presentation on 25-years of audio preservation at this year's IASA conference in Cape Town, South Africa.

The post can be accessed here:




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