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plans for new Rwandan archive to preserve AV history

Plans to establish a national archive centre in Kigali, to preserve the country's important audiovisual history are in advanced stages. The Minister for Sports and Culture, Joseph Habineza has revealed. "For instance today we have Gacaca documents which we need to store properly. These will be digitalised as part of the national archive and we will also work with Rwanda Broadcasting Agency (RBA) to ensure that the audiovisual archives are properly stored," he added.

A treasure trove in All India Radio's sound archives

"A rich treasure trove that not many know of, and even fewer have access to. Here, the air is thick with echoes from the past."

The All India Radio (AIR) sound archives is the largest library of music recordings in India, and also contains a large collection of spoken word recordings including interviews ranging from Pearl S Buck to George Harrison, speeches by Subhash Chandra Bose and public addresses by Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, and many others.

New IRIBA centre for Rwanda's multimedia heritage

In 2010, Assumpta Mugiraneza and film-maker Anne Aghion visited the famous BOPHANA Audiovisual Resource Center in Cambodia, established by renowned Franco-Cambodian filmmaker, Rithy Pahn. Upon their return to Rwanda, the two started to search for key material for a similar centre for multimedia heritage. Prior to the trip to Cambodia, the two women had collaborated in several films that Aghion shot in Rwanda in over ten years. Most of her works were about the emotional impact of the post-genocide justice and social reconstruction process.

Library of Congress announces National Recording Preservation Plan

The USA's Library of Congress today unveiled "The Library of Congress National Recording Preservation Plan," a blueprint for saving America’s recorded sound heritage for future generations. The congressionally mandated plan spells out 32 short- and long-term recommendations involving both the public and private sectors and covering infrastructure, preservation, access, education and policy strategies.


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