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International Archives Day

9 Jun 2014

At the International Council on Archives (ICA) international Congress in Vienna in 2004, the 2000 participants adopted a resolution requesting the United Nations to create an International Archives Day. Some countries had already decided to have a national archives day, to raise awareness of the general public and the decision-makers about the importance of archives. The UNESCO General Conference at its 33rd session in Paris 2005 proclaimed the 27th October as the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage.

Archives and Cultural Industries

11 Oct 2014 to 15 Oct 2014
Girona, Spain

We present the website of the Congress ‘Archives and Cultural Industries’, Girona 2014. From the 13th to the 15th of October the city of Girona will hold the 2nd ICA Annual Conference, the 9th European Conference on Archives and the 13th Image and Research Conference.

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CITRA 2011: Keeping Archives Alive in a Digital World: Archival Preservation in the 21st Century

22 Oct 2011 to 28 Oct 2011
Toledo, Spain

International Conference of the Round Table on Archives.

With the title "Keeping Archives Alive in a Digital World: Archival Preservation in the 21st Century", the professional programme (26th and 27th October) tackles the challenges of preserving archives in the myriad of formats and media as well as physical, political and social environments in which we find ourselves today.

International Council on Archives Congress

20 Aug 2012 to 25 Aug 2012
Brisbane, Australia

The challenges and changes that archivists and information management professionals face are based in the need to manage, preserve and make accessible our collections be they paper, film, audio visual or digital formats. Join us in Brisbane in 2012 for a Congress program that is focused, innovative and interactive.

The Congress will examine our ‘climate of change’ through the themes:


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