Archives and Cultural Industries

11 Oct 2014 to 15 Oct 2014
Girona, Spain

We present the website of the Congress ‘Archives and Cultural Industries’, Girona 2014. From the 13th to the 15th of October the city of Girona will hold the 2nd ICA Annual Conference, the 9th European Conference on Archives and the 13th Image and Research Conference.

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Nous vous présentons le site web du Congrès «Archives et industries culturelles», Girona 2014. Du 13 au 15 d’octobre la ville de Girona accueillera la 2ème Conférence Annuelle des Archives, la 9ème Conférence Européenne des Archives et les 13ème Journées Image et Recherche.

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Archives around the world house a tremendous amount of textual, graphic, cartographic, photographic and audiovisual documents that make up the material with which mankind's collective memory has been constructed. Archives have traditionally been responsible for conserving and organizing this documentation in order to meet the needs of public administration and facilitate historical research. In addition to this, however, the documentation kept in archives may have other uses, such as the creation of consumer products in the cultural sphere.

The digitization of collections of documents has allowed the creation of multiple cultural resources accessible through the Internet and other communication networks that can be a focal point of interest to businesses and consumers. We must, therefore, be aware of the potential of this documentation to meet the needs of those agents that generate cultural products and consumer demands among the population.

Hence innovative strategies must be established in both the treatment and organization of documentation and its dissemination and exploitation, in legal ways that respect intellectual property rights, and which ultimately reassess the role of archives in the Information and Knowledge Society.

This is one of the objectives of the Archives Conference, organized by the ICA (EURBICA) and the Municipal Archive of Girona, which will be held in the city of Girona in 2014.

The Conference will focus the discussion on these issues from three perspectives:

  • The perspective of content: How should collections of documents be organized, described, digitized and disseminated to facilitate access and enhance their value.
  • The perspective of cultural industries: What are the new businesses dealing with the creation and distribution of digital content and how can collaboration between the public and private sectors be articulated to advance business creation.
  • The perspective of the general population: What are its interests and cultural consumption habits, and what future trends may arise.