IASA's Research Archives Section launches “Welcome to Our Archives” project

On the occasion of IASA's 50th Annual Conference...

IASA's Research Archives Section has launched a project “Welcome to Our Archives”, in order to raise public awareness about audio-visual archives, both in general and in very particular ways. Also, we think that it is a useful contribution to the network of IASA members, especially to the ones who are looking for possible collaborations.

Announcing the Magnetic Tape Alert Project

Magnetic Tape Alert Project

Magnetic tape replay equipment is fading out

An initiative of the Information for All Programme (IFAP) Working Group on Information Preservation

Registration is open for the Baltic Audiovisual Archival Council (BAAC) conference

Registration is now open for the Baltic Audiovisual Archival Council (BAAC) 16th annual conference, titled “GLAMorous content and access”, in Riga, Latvia, from October 9 – 10, 2019:


IASA Journal - Issue 50 - Published Online

Dear Colleagues --

I am happy to announce that issue 50 of the IASA Journal has been published online on the IASA Journal web platform:

The IASA Journal now presents its content as open-access scholarship available to all.


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