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October 8 2012

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IASA 2012 conference: inauguration and keynote speech from IASA on Vimeo. Note: no sound until 00:02:40. Starts with the staff of Archives and Research Center for Ethnomusicology, American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS) preparing the conference; then the last part of the IASA General Assembly, followed [from 00:06:15] by the conference inauguration led by Jacqueline von Arb (IASA President), Jawhar Sircar (CEO Prasar Bharati), followed [from 00:24:40] by Keynote address: "From Ownership to Trusteeship: Archival challenges to the imagination of Intellectual Property" by Lawrence Liang, Alternative Law Forum.


Inauguration Jacqueline von Arb (IASA President) & Jawhar Sircar (CEO Prasar Bharati)

From Ownership to Trusteeship: Archival challenges to the imagination of Intellectual Property: Lawrence Liang, Alternative Law Forum

Workshop: Collection Management, an Overview Pio Pellizzari

Archiving India: Developing sustainable local content: Aditi Worcester

Archiving acoustics: Umashankar Manthravadi

Enabling Access based platforms for Audio/Visual and Static Content: Amit Sood, Piotr Adamczyk and Kiran Bapna

Tutorial: IASA-TC 04, Chapter 5: Signal Extraction from Original Carriers: A to D transfer: Dietrich Schüller

Bridging the gap: Democratizing Media Access: Sonia Srinivasan and Anita Patil

Preservation and Provision of Access of a national non-broadcast archive: the digitization of the Music collection of the National Library of Israel: Gila Flam and Michel Merten

Digitized networking of Indian Music Archives: In search of a common language: S. Gopalakrishnan

Experiential museums: spaces for diverse audiences to engage with audiovisual resources: Manasi Prasad

Dealing with AV media and digital files in the Swedish Media Database at the National Library of Sweden: Olle Johansson

Community Archiving in the Digital Context: Aditi Deo

Audio Delivery and Enhanced Online Access at the National Library of Australia: Kevin Bradley

Online collections and Social Inclusion: Challenge of the Access to the Information in Brazil: Leandra Nascimento

October 8 | October 9 | October 10 | October 11