IASA 2012 conference: audio recordings, 9 October

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October 9 2012

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Private music archives of Lutfullah Khan and others in Pakistan: ‘Treasuring in’ a nostalgia of the undivided South Asia: Yousuf Saeed

The digitisation project of Roberto Gerhard’s magnetic tape collection: Gregorio García Karman, Monty Adkins and Carlos Duque

An Italian experience in collecting, preserving 78s Italian jazz records and how to ensure free access to our heritage music: Marco Pacci

Oscillating between free & mediated access online: The case of NaadSaagar Archives & Documentation Society for South Asian Music: Irfan Zuberi

Access and Community Usage –experiences from the Catapult Arts Caravan: Surajit Sarkar

The Samvaad Foundation – Archiving Hindustani Music: Srijan Deshpande

Notions of property and infringement in the early music industry in India: Vibodh Parthasarathi

The CD music industry in Bihar in the new millennium: Amlan Das Gupta

Music Rights, Copyright and User Rights: Birth of new business models?: Madhukar Sinha

Post-transactional forms of market relations in the music industry: Shishir Kumar Jha

October 8 | October 9 | October 10 | October 11