IASA 2012 conference, audio recordings, 10 October

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October 10 2012

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Great Expectations, Often Unrealised: Archival Dilemmas in Papua New Guinea and Beyond: Don Niles

Social Scientists as Users: Searching for Recorded Sound in its Environment : Gisa Jähnichen and Ahmad Faudzi

A Staff of 10,000: Bob George

One to many: methods and issues of repatriation and proactive archiving: Janet Topp Fargion

Dissemination of music archives through educational materials: the “For Future Generations” exhibit and ILAM Music heritage Project SA: Dianne Thram

Evolving the archival space–changing needs of access and dissemination: Shubha Chaudhuri

Successes and failures of providing access through the digital domain at Makerere University Klaus Wachsmann Music Archive: Monica Naluwooza

Preserving the recordings of the Composers Forum: A case study: Elizabeth Davis and Nick Patterson

Devising Institutional Access Principles: Alan Burdette

Curating for manifold use in a digital world: Christiane Fennesz-Juhasz

Providing Access to Research Sound Collections – “Quick and Dirty” or Highest Quality?: Nadja Wallaszkovitz

Notions of Access: Performance Practices in the Digital Archive: Ranjana Dave

"Österreich am Wort", a project giving web access to more than 5,000 mostly full length recordings: Hermann Lewetz, Anton Hubauer and Johannes Kapeller

Providing Quality Access Regardless of Restrictions: Serving Researchers While Protecting Commercial Materials: Toby Seay

Recommended Target Formats for Video Preservation: George Blood

Music of the Manganiyars: presentation with archival recordings and live music performed by Chanan Khan and Khete Khan: Introduced by Dr Shubha Chaudhuri, Archives and Research Center for Ethnomusicology, American Institute of Indian Studies

October 8 | October 9 | October 10 | October 11