IASA 2012 conference, audio recordings, 11 October

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October 11 2012

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Media archiving with computer aided support systems: Tom Lorenz and Jörg Houpert

Large Scale Video Migration in Context of Customer Experiences: Christophe Kummer, Peter Kuhnle, Sebastian Gabler and Christoph Gerstbauer

Open Source Digital Preservation for Audiovisual Archives: Andrew Martin

Pushing the Boundaries of Online Access and Repatriation with Tagore's Transformative Torch: Aaron Bittel and Anthony Seeger

Locating Copyright in Free Speech Doctrine: Danish Sheikh

Copyright vs accessibility – the challenge of exploitation: Retha Buys and Ilse Assmann

TELEMETA, An Audio Content Management System for the Web: Josephine Simonnot

Timeline Music Education: Database Technology for the Future: Joe Peters

Workshop: How do they do that: A primer on audiovisual compression: George Blood

October 8 | October 9 | October 10 | October 11