SOIMA-LATAM 2014: Safeguarding Sound and Image Collections

3 Nov 2014 to 14 Nov 2014
Mexico City, Mexico

Today sound and image records account for a large portion of the world’s memory and are found in diverse social memory institutions. As documents of intangible heritage and contemporary culture, they are of immense value. Yet archives, museums, libraries and other cultural institutions around the world are struggling to conserve their sound and image collections in both analogue and digital formats. Moreover, conservation of sound and image materials is complex and requires specialized guidance, skills and infrastructure. While digitization offers new possibilities for wider access, distribution and preservation, it demands different kind of expertise from collections caretakers. Institutions are facing the need to assess the technological implications of digitalization, as well as make informed choices that do not strain institutional resources, and at the same time, respect the authenticity and inherent values of this heritage. If you are working with sound and image collections, and are interested in enhancing your knowledge in order to: Recognize materials and media, value, meaning, use and social function of sound and image archives. Identify the various analogue supports and digital formats, along with their particular preservation challenges. Communicate more effectively across disciplines. Make informed decisions and propose sustainable strategies to preserve and promote access to sound and image collections. Create networks with colleagues from Latin America and the Caribbean. then this course is for you! Methodology The course will comprise lectures, a variety of group activities, practical sessions, case studies and site visits. Case studies for the course will be based on participant inputs and will address issues and challenges identified by them. Thus, active involvement of participants will be sought during the course preparation phase. Who can apply? The course is aimed at archivists, collection managers, conservators, curators and librarians in charge of preserving such collections in various social memory institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean. It could be of interest to Information Technology professionals, digital curators, media collection managers or allied professionals working for broadcasting institutions. A maximum of 15 participants will be selected. It is expected that the participants will multiply the impacts of training by engaging in projects for sound and image preservation in their respective institutions and/or develop similar training at national or local level. Therefore, preference will be given to those applicants from Latin American and Caribbean countries who are working on audiovisual preservation projects and/or are training others through relevant institutions. Working Language: Spanish and English Travel, Accommodation and Living Expenses Participants will be responsible for their round trip travel cost to and from Mexico City. In order to cover living costs during the course, participants should plan for a minimum total allowance of approximately 1600 US dollars. This sum would include the costs of accommodation in moderately priced hotels identified by the organizers, as well as meals. Candidates are strongly encouraged to seek financial support from sources such as governmental institutions, employers and other relevant funding agencies. Scholarships are not available. Update: Partners are happy to inform interested candidates that up to 10 scholarships will be made available to cover local costs. Application To apply: Please use the course application form and send it by e-mail to soima.latam.2014 (at) Please note that it is mandatory to include a 700 word statement that explains the reasons for which you would like to undertake this training, and how you intend use the knowledge and skills acquired upon its completion. Applications without the statement of intent will not be considered. Application deadline: 18 July 2014