Empowering your archives by "Organizing Knowledge"

10 Oct 2012
New Delhi, India

Tutorial: Empowering your archives by "Organizing Knowledge"

Guy Marechal

The semantic technologies, in particular with the open standards of the Web-3 and HTML-5, offer powerful and upward compatible solutions for empowering your cultural assets. They provide their easy retrieval, a high flexibility for their exploitations, the traceability of their ‘rights clearing’ and an easy construction of the “Submission Information Packages” of the OAIS standard. The tutorial will illustrate the concepts by an example of concrete methodology ensuring full and bidirectional compatibility with your existing databases. By ‘compatibility’ it is meant that the existing uses of your ‘cataloguing rules’ will remain attached to the related semantic resources; the existing media files (or wrappers, such as BagIt, METS or MXF) are also attached (untouched) to the same related semantic resource, but with significant advantages; further, the semantic technologies allow the expression of the links between the resources and within the resources without touching the existing media files (expressing their inner or outer structures). This implements a bidirectional alias mechanism between past and future, fundamental for constructing the assurance of the persistence.