11th annual iPRES conference on digital preservation

6 Oct 2014 to 10 Oct 2014
Melbourne, Australia

The 11th annual iPRES conference on digital preservation will be held from 6 to 10 October 2014 at the State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia. http://ipres2014.org/

The iPRES 2014 Coordinating Committee invites contributions of papers, posters, demonstrations, tutorials and workshops related to the increasingly broad topic of digital preservation.

The 2014 conference is canvassing contributions along two primary axes – Research and Innovative Practice.
Contributions should address at least one of the following topics:


  • intelligent and secure storage
  • scalability
  • complex formats
  • large web data sets
  • software and hardware dependencies
  • system architectures and requirements
  • distributed and cloud-based implementations


  • institutional contexts for preservation
  • personal archiving
  • collaboration
  • collection content profiling

Strategic environment

  • legislative, strategy and policy enablers (eg preservation intent, pre-conditioning)
  • standards
  • local, regional and national approaches

Preservation strategies and workflows

  • migration
  • emulation
  • metadata
  • risk measurement and management
  • preservation planning and actions
  • acquisition and ingest
  • access provision

Specialist content types

  • web
  • GIS
  • digital art
  • primary, scientific, sensor data
  • governmental and medical records
  • technical and scientific processes
  • engineering models and simulation
  • corporate processes and recordkeeping

A digital preservation marketplace

  • products
  • tools
  • services
  • registries
  • understanding authenticity and integrity
  • exploitation of computationally aware data from our digital repositories
  • business models
  • added value
  • benefits
  • exploitation
  • long tail

Theory of digital preservation

  • models
  • empirical testing
  • measuring semantic shift

Case studies and best practice

  • implementations
  • repositories
  • issues and wins

Training and education

  • educational needs
  • curricula
  • innovative offerings