Australasian Sound Recordings Association

Australasian Sound Recordings Association (ASRA) Annual Conference 2019 "Sounds & Silences"

13 Nov 2019 to 14 Nov 2019
Canberra, Australia

The conference theme 'Sounds & Silences' highlights the key issue relevant to ASRA's membership and mission: How will the sound collections we have created be handed down to future generations?

The conference will be held at the ANU School of Music in Canberra on November 12th and 13th 2019

Australasian Sound Recordings Association (ASRA) Annual Conference

7 Nov 2018 to 8 Nov 2018
Alexandria, NSW, Australia

2018 Annual ASRA Conference
"Music, History and Technology"

Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th November 2018

2017 Annual ASRA Conference

25 Oct 2017 to 26 Oct 2017
Acton, ACT, Australia

his year's conference theme 'Taking it On - Audio Archiving for the Next Generation' explores the impact of generational change on sound and audiovisual archives. How might a new generation of globally connected sound practitioners and archivists and equipped with 21st Century skill sets transform our thinking about sound archives? What will the next generations want from our sound archives? How does the legacy of past and present generations of archivists meet their needs, and where does it fall short?


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