Australasian Sound Recordings Association (ASRA) Annual Conference

7 Nov 2018 to 8 Nov 2018
Alexandria, NSW, Australia

2018 Annual ASRA Conference
"Music, History and Technology"

Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th November 2018

This year's conference theme 'Music, History and Technology' highlights some of the key areas of interest common to ASRA's membership and constituency, and allows us a broad scope to discuss, describe and debate topics from all aspects of audio creative, recording and collecting disciplines. We seek to include papers by experts and practitioners across the relevant disciplines including sound recordists, musicians, researchers, archivists, preservation specialists, collectors, oral historians, academics, broadcast professionals and creative practitioners.

Sub-themes may include:

  • Listening & hearing.
  • Messages, medium and media.
  • Professional development in the audio arts, technologies and sciences.
  • Gender and diversity issues and opportunities.
  • Icons and treasures.
  • Australasia's sonic and musical identity.
  • How we got to here.
  • Unsung heroes and heroines.
  • Processes, practices and projects.

As with all ASRA Conferences we plan to celebrate our diversity and are seeking to include papers which explore emerging technologies and business models.