World Day for Audiovisual Heritage 2014

Dear Colleagues,

I am happy to transmit to you the message of the Coordinating Council of  Audio-Visual Archives Associations (CCAAA) President regarding the celebration of the World Day for AV Heritage (WDAVH) on October 27, 2014.  

Dear friends of our audiovisual heritage,

The audio and visual record of human accomplishment has been exploding in scope in recent times, as have the challenges to preserving and accessing that vast body of knowledge. Audiovisual records created a century or more ago, using now-obsolete technologies, are in particular danger of loss or decay. The World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, sponsored by UNESCO and the CCAAA, is intended to highlight the good work being done around the world to preserve and make available this important heritage, and encourage others to follow those examples. The theme this year is "Archives at Risk - Much More to Do." I encourage all of our colleagues to contribute information about their programmes to preserve and make accessible our audio and visual heritage, especially those occurring on or around the date of World Day, October 27, 2014.

Tim Brooks
President, CCAAA
Past President, Association for Recorded Sound Collections

As indicated in the President's message, the theme for this year's celebration is "Archives at Risk: Much More to do." The CCAAA  encourages organizing events and activities that highlight the success stories of the av archives community in preserving the world's av heritage. They should however be able to convey as well the message  that there is much  more of our endangered av heritage needing our attention to be saved.

World Day for Audiovisual Heritage 2014

The archives at risk project website will also be launched on October 27. it will be featured in the wdavh site/page and will be linked together.

In line with this, the CCAAA welcomes contributions to the  website in the form of
a) news articles regarding the celebration of the wdavh;
b) feature write-ups on the success stories regarding preservation programs and those needing attention too;
c) copyright-cleared photos, audio/video clips for the listening /viewing pleasure and appreciation of the of the website visitors;
d) publicity and promotional materials and
e) other related items of interest to the public.

May I suggest the following guidelines in the submission of the contibutions to facilitate uploading:
1) text and photos should be set in electronic copy. Please refrain from sending the url of your existing website;
2) photos should be accompanied with captions and already reduced to web resolution;
3) In case of non-english contributions, submit a screengrab of the foreign language website;
4) audio and video clips may be submitted as links with or without embed codes

Meanwhile,contributions may be forwarded to or The wdavh site  is

Thank you.

Belina Capul