State of digitisation in Europe's cultural heritage institutions

State of digitisation in Europe's cultural heritage institutions – ENUMERATE report

 The ENUMERATE Thematic Network has just published its first report into the state of digitisation in Europe's cultural heritage institutions. The report is based on nearly 2000 ‘core’ survey responses, from 29 European countries.

Highlights of the findings are:

  • c83% of cultural heritage institutions have a digital collection
  • c20% of all collections have been digitised, and c.57% still needs to be digitised (for 23% of collections overall there is no need to digitise)
  • More than 50% of cultural heritage institutions collect born digital materials  
  • c34% of institutions have a digitisation strateg
  • c85% of institutions use Web statistics to measure the use of their digital collections
  • 2 years from now institutions estimate to make twice as much of their collections accessible through Europeana as compared to today
  • On average 3.3% of paid staff in all cultural heritage institutions is working full time on digitisation.
  • 89% of audio visual, broadcasting and film institutions have born digital material, the highest figure among the institutions surveyed
  • Audio-visual institutions spend the most on digitisation: €103,000 per FTE (full time equivalent)

To read the full report go the ENUMERATE website at or go to this direct link:

ENUMERATE is a European Thematic Network, led by Collections Trust. Its primary objective is to create a reliable baseline of statistical data about digitization, digital preservation and online access to cultural heritage in Europe. ENUMERATE is partly funded, by the European Commission, under the ICT Policy Support Programme part of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme. See: