The new IASA constitution is accepted!

It is my honor and privilege to announce that the new constitution has been accepted with a resounding YES!

Of those who voted, more than 99% voted for the adoption of the new constitution, less than 1% voted against it.

This result clearly tells us that the work of the past few years that went into developing the constitution, sharing it and debating it with the membership has resulted in this version that now has the full support.

A resounding YES also means a resounding thank you to our two most recent Past Presidents, Richard Green and Kevin Bradley for navigating our organization through this process in an open, transparent and democratic manner - and to the membership at large for participating in the process first by airing and debating the issues in a timely manner, and secondly giving a voice to your support by voting.

The new constitution will now enable this and future boards to respond to the challenges of the 21st century. This provides IASA with a constitution that will allow the board and the organization to respond to the changes the current environment brings.

It gives us a very clear mandate to move IASA ahead with the registering of IASA as a limited liability company. This will both give a secure ground for the board members, as well as the legitimacy necessary to participate in projects and cooperations that require a legal status, and even operations as basic as opening a bank account.”

I look very much forward to officially launch “New IASA” at the next General Assembly, during the annual IASA Conference in New Delhi!

Yours, soundly,
Jacqueline von Arb
President IASA