IASA journal No 38, January 2012

  1. 2011 Conference Notice
  2. Editorial
  3. President’s Letter
  4. Digital sense and nonsense: digital decision making in sound and audio visual collections
    Ute Schwens, Deutsche National Bibliothek (German National Library)
  5. “And the survey says…OK, but the data says!”
    Cassandra Gallegos, George Blood Audio and Video
  6. Simplifying semantics: Linked Data rules OK!
    Fran Alexander, BBC Information and Archives
  7. Map Your Voice: a user-generated archive of English accents
    Richard Ranft, Head of Sound & Vision, The British Library
  8. Tape dehydration as part of the “Journale” Project: on dealing with sticky-shed syndrome
    Stefan Kaltseis and Anton Hubauer, Österreichische Mediathek
  9. Storage Strategy Tools
    Matthew Addis, Mariusz Jacyno, Martin Hall-May, IT Innovation Centre, University of Southampton, UK, and Richard Wright, Archive Research, BBC Research and Development, UK
  10. Fonoteca Nacional of México launches the Platform for Sound and Audiovisual Heritage Preservation of Iberoamérica
    Álvaro Hegewisch, Fonoteca Nacional (IASA membership vice-president) and Xilonen Luna, Comisión Nacional para el Desarrollo de los Pueblos Indígenas

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