IASA journal No 39, June 2012

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  1. 2012 Conference Notice
  2. Editorial
  3. President’s Letter
  4. Dat-error statistics: age and brand correlations as registered in vrt’s diva-project
    Brecht Declercq, VRT
  5. Audiovisual Archives and International Organisations: the benefits of networking and co-operation
    Kurt Deggeller, former convenor of CCAAA
  6. Cooperative Expertise and Cost Effectiveness: Developing an Audiovisual Preservation Program for UCLA Library
    Siobhan Hagan and Jacob Nadal
  7. Report on the Survey of Memory and Cultural Heritage Resources in Lucas do Rio Verde
    Bertram Lyons
  8. Reconsidering the Checksum for Audiovisual Preservation: Detecting digital change in audiovisual data with decoders and checksums
    Dave Rice
  9. A Workflow Study of Migrating Analogue Multi-Track Audio Recordings to Digital Preservation File Sets
    Toby Seay, Drexel University