Fundamentals of AV Preservation (webinar course)

31 Oct 2018 to 12 Dec 2018

Facilitated course by Northeast Document Conservation Center, USA

Registration deadline: October 26, 2018
Maximum class size: 30
Instructor: Becky Geller, Preservation Specialist, NEDCC
Location: Live Webinar Series

The Instructor-led Fundamentals of Audiovisual Preservation course give participants the foundation needed to be effective collections stewards for audiovisual materials. Over 6 sessions, this course covers risks to audiovisual materials; care and handling; inventory and assessment; planning, preparing, and implementing reformatting projects; managing digital audiovisual collections; and disaster preparedness and response. Fundamentals of Audiovisual Preservation provides participants with information they need to create inventories of audiovisual holdings, to develop a reformatting timeline for priority materials, and to outline a Statement of Work. The six live webinars supplement the online course textbook, which is available for self-guided study.

Class Dates:

10/31/2018 Session 1: Introduction to AV Preservation Challenges
11/07/2018 Session 2: Care and Handling of Physical Carriers
11/13/2018 Session 3: Inventory and Assessment of Audiovisual Collections
11/28/2018 Session 4: Reformatting
12/05/2018 Session 5: Managing Digital Audiovisual Collections
12/12/2018 Session 6: Disaster Preparedness and Response