Digital Preservation for Moving Image and Sound Materials

16 Dec 2021

In this Open Preservation Foundation webinar, Lauren Sorensen will discuss the unique properties of moving image and sound materials, digital preservation and the urgent need for digitization of tape-based video and audio. She will walk webinar attendees through some of the key steps and decision-making processes that practitioners may take in order to pursue digital preservation of moving image and sound materials.

Additionally, taking the view a bit broader, Sorensen will discuss preservation studies research she conducted in 2018, arguing for a shift in contemporary understandings of video preservation. Instead of centering the granular characteristics of tape and their material stability the audiovisual archival community can seek to view preservation as a set of linked systems by developing shared workflows, encouraging more closely aligned community collaboration and taking steps to document worker knowledge, such as oral histories with analog videotape playback deck repair persons, relevant information from the production sector which can inform preservation, and so on.