Digital Audiovisual Preservation in Communities of Practice

4 Dec 2013
Paris, France

As part of the Presto4U project, PrestoCentre has established a series of nine Communities of Practice in the principal sub-sectors of audiovisual media preservation, bringing together groups of peers in the archival world who share interests and problems specific to the nature of the audiovisual objects they keep. The nine communities represent most of the domains concerned with audiovisual documents. All communities have local specific problems that will be addressed by PrestoCentre. The intention is that any institution or repository concerned by the audiovisual domain can find an efficient representation of their problems, and use the wider series of communities to expose and scale emerging needs and problems or share existing solutions. This one-day workshop will present and share the scopes and identified problems to a diverse group of users and practitioners from every Community. The objective of the day is to showcase all nine PrestoCentre Communities and share them with the actors of the audiovisual domain. A presentation of the actions developed by the project in order to identify specific tools and standards related to the domain will also be part of the workshop. This workshop will be a preparation for a series of “Preservathons” that PrestoCentre will organise from 2014. During these encounters, practical issues will be presented, experimented and discussed in depth, in order to advance in the definition and solutions regarding specific AV preservation problems. Research institutions and technology providers will equally participate in order to bring their feedback and perspectives. Speakers: Daniel Teruggi (Institut National de l'Audiovisuel) Erwin Verbruggen (Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision) Peter Holm Lindgaard (TV2 Denmark) Thomas Christensen (Danish Film Institute) Pip Laurenson (Tate) Marco Rendina (Cinecitta Luce) Fabrizio Falchi (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche) Linda Ligios (King's College London)