ARCHAEOACOUSTICS: The Archaeology of Sound

19 Feb 2014 to 22 Feb 2014

The intent of this conference is to explore the importance of sound in the ancient world, with focused expertise from a variety of backgrounds in order to provide a forum for expanding previous conceptions and introducing new methodologies.  

We are particularly interested in the role acoustic behavior may have had in the development and design of important architecture and ritual spaces throughout the ancient world, and its possible biological impact on human brain activity.  

All presentations will be in English.

Academic Committee:

Mro. Dr. John Galea
Head, Department of Music, University of Malta

Dr. Reuben Grima
Senior Curator UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Malta

Dr. Rupert Till
School of Music, Humanities & Media
University of Huddersfield

Dr. Nicholas Vella
Head, Department of Classics and Archaeology,
University of Malta

Mr. Ruben Zahra


What have we observed in the remains of the ancient world; where and when?

Can study of sound behavior help us interpret ruined sites?

Lithic characteristics and acoustic modeling

What is the science of sound?

The human element - what can sound do for people?  How do we know?

What were ancient people doing with sound?  Why?

What were the first musical instruments?

Can we guess at ancient songs