16th SEAPAVAA Conference: Creating, Funding, Protecting a Digital AV Archive

16 Apr 2012 to 21 Apr 2012
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Southeast Asia-Pacific Audiovisual Archive Association (SEAPAVAA)


The 16th SEAPAVAA Conference delves into the concerns and challenges faced by archives today as we respond to rapid developments in digital preservation technology. As archives evolve into digital ones, the conference theme of Creating, Funding, Protecting a Digital AV Archive is both relevant and timely.

The SEAPAVAA Conference in Ho Chi Minh City will consist of a two-day symposium on 17 - 18 April 2012. The conference is hosted by the Vietnam Film Institute.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  1. Creating a Digital AV Archive – Approaches, Challenges and the Road Ahead
  2. Financial Perspectives and Fundraising Approaches/Strategies for AV Archives Digitisation Projects
  3. Managing a Digital AV Archive
  4. Selection Issues for a Digital AV Archive
  5. Media Asset Management
  6. Rights Management and Monetisation of a Digital AV Archive
  7. Legislations and Copyrights of a Digital AV Archive
  8. Dealing with Metadata Issues – Descriptive Metadata, Technical Metadata, Legal Metadata
  9. File Formats and Technical Standards
  10. Storage and Longevity of an AV Archive in the Digital Era
  11. Restoration and Digitisation Technologies – Current, New and Emerging
  12. Disaster Preparedness, Recovery and Risk Management for a Digital AV Archive
  13. Deploying, Exploiting and Providing Access to a Digital AV Archive
  14. Contemplating the Future Prospects of a Digital AV Archive

SEAPAVAA invites contributions from our members on any of the topics mentioned above. Please contact any of the following persons and the SEAPAVAA secretariat (infoseapavaa@gmail.com) with your submissions as per the schedule below.

  1. Please submit your proposal which should include the Title of your Paper, an Abstract of maximum of 250 words and Name of Presenter by 17 February 2012.
  2. SEAPAVAA will inform you on whether your proposal is selected by 29 February 2012.
  3. Full papers for the conference are to be submitted by 8 April 2012.

Contact persons:
Adrian Wood, email: adrianjwood@aol.com
Irene Lim, email: Irene_l_l_lim@nhb.gov.sg
Karen Chan, email: karen@asianfilmarchive.org

16th SEAPAVAA Conference and General Assembly

The 16th SEAPAVAA Conference and General Assembly is hosted by the Vietnam Film Institute. The charming, historic and hospitable Ho Chi Minh City will enchant you and promises to add to the definitive warmth that the annual conferences of SEAPAVAA are known for. Expand your networks, meet and bond with fellow professionals and institutions in the archiving field as we share concerns, experiences, challenges and solutions in creating, funding and protecting digital AV archives.

The Conference will have a special Restoration Asia session dedicated to introducing the restoration work done by archives and companies in the Asian region. The conference has a host of events including a symposium, roundtable discussions, a one-day workshop, archival gem screenings, institutional visits, and a retreat-excursion. The General Assembly of SEAPAVAA will be held on 16 April 2012, before the start of the Conference.

Registration forms are available at SEAPAVAA’s conference website. For local participants, further announcements from the local organising committee will be made. Visit the SEAPAVAA website or contact the SEAPAVAA secretariat for more information. http://www.seapavaa.com / seapavaasecretariat@gmail.com