The CNRS Sound Archives provided to the European Library through Europeana Sounds

IASA is pleased to highlight some of the presentations from this year's annual conference in Berlin. The following summary comes to us from Françoise Acquier, Henri Chamoux, Aude Da Cruz Lima, Veronique Ginouvès, Thomas Henry, and Joséphine Simonnot.

The CNRS Sound Archives provided to the European Library through Europeana Sounds. 

The audio archives recorded in the field of scientific research are scarcely accessible online. They raise several ethical and legal questions, as well as those about the relationships between different types of archives and the diversification of metadata formats. Through the Europeana Sounds project, for the first time, four research teams from the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) worked together with sound archives to build a new network of resources and skills.


Shaping the future of audiovisual archiving: new international think tank identifies strategic priorities for the field

The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision today is releasing its new White Paper, Towards a New Audiovisual Think Tank for Audiovisual Archivists and Cultural Heritage Professionals. The White Paper, the first effort from a new ‘AV Think Tank’ on audiovisual archiving initiated by Sound and Vision, aims to facilitate stakeholders active in the preservation of audiovisual heritage to identify their strategic priorities over the coming decade.


IASA Conference 2018 - Call for presentations

Dear all,

please see below the Call for presentations for the 49th Annual Conference of IASA, from 1-4 October 2018, at the Institute of African Studies (IAS), University of Ghana, Accra, Ghana.

Conference theme:

Access and Accessibility - Archival Policies and Barriers in the Age of Global Information Exchange

Get to know IASA's President - Toby Seay

If you have not had the opportunity to get acquainted with IASA's newest President, Toby Seay, here's your chance!



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