Arabic Versions of TC Publications Now Available

IASA is excited to announce the release of Arabic translations of all four of its highly acclaimed publications prepared by the IASA Technical Committee: 

  • The Safeguarding of the Audiovisual Heritage: Ethics, Principles and Preservation Strategy (IASA-TC 03)
  • Guidelines in the Production and Preservation of Digital Audio Objects: Standards, Recommended Practices, and Strategies, 2nd Edition (IASA-TC 04)
  • Handling and Storage of Audio and Video Carriers (IASA-TC 05)
  • Guidelines for the Preservation of Video Recordings (IASA-TC 06)

The PDFs are all available as free downloads on the IASA website:

IASA extends its deep thanks to Maxim Nasra and his team at the Qatar National Library for their exceptional work and dedication in preparing these new translations, which are a testament to their commitment to the preservation of audiovisual heritage.