Welcome to the 2021 IASA Annual Conference!

I'd like to take a moment as the Organizing Committee finalize last-minute details to warmly welcome you to the 2021 IASA Annual Conference, which begins in less than 48 hours, depending on your local time. We looks forward to connecting with you, sharing and learning together. Please take advantage of the interactive features, visit our sponsor booths, and reach out to colleagues and friends. Despite our current virtual environment, connecting with each other as resources and support is more important than ever.

As President, I would like to thank the Organizing Commitee and the Programme Committee, who went above and beyond this year to bring you this conference. Vice President Perla Rodriguez, Editor Jennifer Vaughn, Treasurer Yuri Shimoda worked tirelessly with our team, which included colleagues from:

  • Radio y Televisión Nacional de Colombia (for America)
  • Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (for Europe)
  • University of Ghana (for Africa)
  • Universiti Putra Malaysia (for Asia and Australasia)

We are grateful to have such wonderful partners from these esteemed organizations be part of this. So without further ado, we wish you a wonderful and productive conference.

Tre Berney

IASA President


Opening remarks from Tre Berney (IASA President) and from Fackson Banda (Chief, UNESCO Documentary Unit)


Perla Olivia Rodríguez Reséndiz (IASA Vice-president Conferences) [in Spanish]