Workshop and screenings at Centro de Referência Audiovisual, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

The Fundação Municipal de Cultura, through the Centro de Referência Audiovisual (CRAV) prepared a series of activities to celebrate the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, celebrated on October 27. Among the actions are a workshop of audiovisual heritage conservation, held at the CRAV headquarters, and a showcase of films at the Centro de Cultura Belo Horizonte (CCBH). All activities are free.

The workshop Preventive Conservation of Audiovisual Cultural Heritage will be held 29-31 October, from 14h to 17h. It will be a practical lesson of film analysis with the aim of introducing the participants in the world of film preservation.

On October 29 and 30 at 18h, the Centro de Cultura Belo Horizonte, presents a series of short films that portray aspects of film production and audiovisual exhibition in Belo Horizonte over the years. On the 29th: Experiência Cinematográfica (BRA, JA Ribeiro, 1980, 10min.); O Homem e a Moviola (BRA, JA Ribeiro, M. Furtado and S. Nogueira, 2011, 19min.); Guardados (BRA, Ophicina Digital, 2003, 13min.), and on the 30th: Salas (BRA, Ophicina Digital, 2003, 12min.); Bonfioli, o Fazedor de Fitas (BRA, Ophicina Digital, 2003, 17min.) Elementos (BRA, Ophicina Digital, 2003, 27min.) Reminiscências (BRA, A. Junqueira, 1909-1922, 7 min.).