Valencia (Spain) Radio-TV on the importance of AV heritage

The Documentation Unit of RadioTelevisió Valencia states the importance of our audiovisual archives and their preservation for present and future generations of Valencia.

Cultural heritage is the legacy we receive from our ancestors and it is our duty to preserve it and care for it to be transmitted to our children. The audiovisual heritage is, for more than a century, the best tool to reflect how societies have evolved.

Heritage is and should be protected by law, in the case of Valencia, Valencia Protection of Cultural Heritage and its classification is contained in Law 5/2007 amending Law 4/1998 of June, the Government Valencia, Valencian Cultural Heritage.

RTVV is part of the cultural heritage of Valencia and it includes much of the memory of Valencia, from the creation of RTVV in October 1989 to the present. And continues to grow every day.