Vojvodina broadcast archives highlights the plight of Serbia's AV heritage

RUV RTV is a Regional Public Broadcasting Service of Vojvodina based in Novi Sad, Serbia, with a rich audiovisual archive since its formation in 1974. This archive is the precious evidence of long term co-existence among a number of national communities peacefully living together in spite of a difficult period Serbia has experienced recently and that is still continuing.

RUV RTV produces and broadcasts program on two channels, RTV1 and RTV2, and three radio frequencies, both 24 hours daily. Programmes are produced and aired in 10 languages: Serbian and nine of the languages of the national communities living in Vojvodina: Hungarian, Slovak, Romanian, Ruthanian, Bosniak, Ukrainian, Roma, Croatian and Macedonian.

The Archive, especially the film department, is endangered, in first place physically, ever since it lost its building after the NATO bombing.

We are determined to present to domestic and foreign public, decision-making people and donors, the desperate situation in which valuable documents exist for more than 13 years now. The archives are kept and maintained as best we can, but it is, as for many similar archives, too slow a process.

The theme for 2012 is: „Audiovisual heritage memory? The clock is ticking” in which our dramatic archive situation perfectly fits.

Our contribution to this Day is the organization of a Multimedia Exhibition dedicated to the condition and perspectives of the RTV Archive. Photos, exhibition pieces, film documentaries and broadcasts and texts should warn the public about the treasure hiding in our Depot’s which is, because the lack of resources and overall poor RTV economic situation, everyday exposed to rapid decay. This actually means forgetting some essential events from the history of multi-ethnic and multicultural Vojvodina’s life.

Opening Exhibition is on 26th October 2012, Friday at 10 a.m. RADIO NOVI SAD STUDIO M of PBS Radio Television of Vojvodina.

Organizer: RUV RTV