Tokyo-based Film Preservation Society adds lectures to its Ustream channel

The Tokyo-based Film Preservation Society celebrates 2012 WD for AVH by showing several lectures from the "7th Film Restoration and Preservation Workshop", which was held on August 2012 at Kyoto Museum, on our Ustream channel:

2012.10.26 21:00- JST
Introductory lectures by Yoneo Ota (Professor, Osaka University of
Arts) and Kiyotaka Moriwaki (Kyoto Museum)

2012.10.27 20:00-
Lectures on sound restoration and preservation by John Polito (owner, chief engineer) and Oki Miyano (preservationist) from Audio Mechanics, LA

2012.10.28 20:00-
Lectures on regional film archiving by Kae Ishihara (Film Preservation Society), Haruka Aiso (Bunkyo Film Archive), Daisuke Miyoshi (Sumida 8mm Film Archive/Tokyo University of the Arts), and Noriko Tanaka (Kobe Planet Film Archive)

All the lectures are conducted only in Japanese except for the lecture
by John Polito on 27th.

And also we distribute Tenugui* designed by Haruka Aiso. See image below.