Sustaining Sound and Image Collections - International SOIMA course 2017

Conceived within the framework of ICCROM’s SOIMA programme, the advanced workshop is tailored to address the challenges of collecting, preserving and using (and reusing) sound, still, and moving image content within the broader context of rapidly changing technology and shrinking resources. It will focus on collection management issues in different institutional contexts that are unique to these types of materials.

The emphasis is on strategic decision making and practical execution of solutions. In particular, it will showcase cost efficient strategies for prioritising content, developing robust digitization and preservation programmes, and ensuring that smaller institutions and communities have the ability to preserve their memory and cultural record.

Topics will include: digital preservation, collection assessments, dealing with digitization and documentation backlogs, utilizing innovative open access solutions, intellectual property rights, copyright legislation, community based archiving and assessing values and meanings of audiovisual collections.

9 Jul 2017 to 23 Jul 2017
Location: Accra, Ghana