IASA 2011 conference - registration is OPEN!

IASA 2011 Conference in Frankfurt 3-8.9 - Registration is OPEN!

The 42nd annual IASA conference is to be held 3 - 8 September 2011 in Frankfurt, Germany,
"Digital Sense and Nonsense: Digital Decision Making in Sound and Audiovisual Collections".

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IASA is happy to announce that you may now register for the IASA 2011 conference on the conference website:

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Register as a member at the same time and get the rest of this year (2011) at 50% off!
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More info on membership: www.iasa-web.org/membership-rates

Please see the preliminary program, descriptions of the social program and professional tours on the conference website! (there will be slight changes, so drop by once in a while!)
- note: to see the abstracts, hover the arrow over the title of the presentation with the mouse (works well with a Firefox browser, less so with Explorer).

IASA also welcomes applications for Travel Grants: www.iasa-web.org/travel-awards
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Jacqueline von Arb
IASA Vice President in charge of conferences, on behalf of the Organizing Committee of IASA 2011